Lisey Sweet, Alex Legend, Draven Navarro

Lisey has always wanted to have kids.  It's been a dream for her.  But it turns out her buff limp wristed husband Draven has a low sperm count so she seeks out the donor to come give her the seed she needs.  She does not want artificial insemination she wants the whole baby making process.  But does Lisey go too far in actually finding her perfect donor.  Is it too much to suck on and worship his cock in front of her husband.  To get fucked all over the couch in a myriad of positions as the horrified husband watches in shame.  To have orgasm after orgasm as she enjoys the stretch his enormous cock is giving her.  Something her husband is incapable of doing even  if he tried cause his cock is small.  Is any of this right?  Who cares -- Draven is a pussy and Lisey enjoys fucking another man in front of him. That teaches him a lesson for not having the sperm she needs.

The Breeding